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Austin's live music is disappearing.

Moontower Entertainment has been working to provide a livelihood for musicians in Austin since 2009, providing weekly income for more than 70 full-time musicians and sound techs in the city. But Austin’s rapid growth and the changes to the city over the last few years have made us increasingly worried about the future of Austin as a musical city,  as it is getting increasingly more difficult for Austin musicians to afford to live in what is supposed to be “The Live Music Capital of the World.”

At Moontower Entertainment, we believe the best way to #KeepAustinMusical is through private events.


So how can you be part of the solution?

Understand why private events are key to saving Austin's musicians

  • Did you know, on average, when musicians perform at private events, their earnings are 2 to 4 times higher compared to when they perform at public events?

  • Opportunities Create Opportunities. The more someone sees an artist or a band in a private event setting, the more likely future booking opportunities become. When someone sees live music at a private event, it shows them how live music can enhance the experience, which increases demand and awareness!

  • Unlike private events, public shows require a lot of overhead for musicians (i.e. marketing, promotions, merchandise, venue costs, etc.) Private events have a built-in audience with little-to-no overhead which maximizes the performers' net income. 

Prioritize booking a band for your next party.

Make live music as important as the booze, the food, and the venue. If you think live music is out of your reach due to budget, venue size, event type, etc., it's not! Our mission is to provide a livelihood to as many musicians as possible throughout Austin, and we will work hard to find the perfect live music match for your unique party.

Encourage your networks to celebrate! 

In summary, the best way to #KeepAustinMusical is to party as much as possible! How fun is that? Whatever your reason-- a company party, a birthday party, a wedding, a celebration of life-- we are asking you to celebrate every occasion and make live music a component of whatever your next event may be.

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