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Jordan M Young

Duo, Trio, Full Band

Jordan M Young

 If you're craving some vintage rock vibes, Jordan Matthew Young is your go-to artist.

His style, reminiscent of classic rock legends like Nazareth, Lynyrd Skynyrd, ZZ Top, and Deep Purple, is a perfect blend of raw, gritty vocals and intense guitar riffs. Backed by a rhythm section that lays down a solid, groovy foundation, Jordan Matthew Young's music is an electrifying journey through the essence of classic rock. With his powerful performance and a flair for heavy, driving beats, he's sure to satisfy your longing for that timeless rock sound.

Jordan developed a passion for music early in his life, learning to play the guitar and piano through self-teaching.

His musical journey included playing in one of the top high-school marching bands in his region.

Jordan Young's Song List

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