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Leslie Lugo

Grammy Winning Song Writer
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Leslie Lugo

Leslie Lugo, a Grammy-recognized bilingual singer/songwriter from San Antonio, has released a new album "Éxitos Del Ayer" on her label, LuGold Records. The album, produced by Gilbert Velasquez, pays tribute to Latin composers and includes original songs by Leslie.

A member of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences since 1998, Leslie has written songs for other artists and has been featured in a Grammy-winning album. Her music has been used in movies and TV, like "Picking Up The Pieces" and "Divine Access."

Leslie's band performs a mix of Top 40, pop, rock, jazz, Latin, and Tejano music and showcases traditional Mariachi music. She has performed at high-profile events, including the Republican National Convention and with Cristian Castro. Also a voice-over talent, Leslie has worked on commercials for major brands. Her engaging performances and diverse music styles have made her a standout artist.

Leslie Lugo's Song List

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