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Steel Betty Band

Folk, Country & Bluegrass band

Steel Betty Band

Steel Betty, a dynamic trio, embodies the unique musical spirit of Austin, Texas. This city, known as a hub for traditional American music, resonates in their blend of bluegrass, folk, blues, Old Time, and classic country. Steel Betty captures the diverse American music scene, bringing the vibrant Austin culture to audiences nationwide.

The group comprises David McD, skillful on guitar and vocals, Maddy Froncek, a talented banjo and upright bass player also lending her vocals, and Micah Motenko, who excels on the mandolin and piano, adding his voice to the mix. Together, they are multi-instrumentalists who perfectly encapsulate Austin's sound and harmony. Their repertoire includes music from Bill Monroe, the Stanley Brothers, and various spirituals, showcasing their range and versatility. Steel Betty is not just about performances; they are passionate about education too. They conduct workshops for aspiring musicians and students, and have an engaging, interactive program for schools. Through this program, they introduce children to the rich diversity and depth of music from their region of America, making them a beloved and integral part of their community.

Steel Betty's Song List

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