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Actve Captve

Solo, Duo, Full Band

Actve Captve

Actve Captve was formed by Justin Han, a multi-instrumentalist songwriter with a boundless passion for delving deep into the intricate complexities of human existence. Drawing from an eclectic palette of influences ranging from rock, punk, and rap to the depths of classical music and experimental sounds, Justin's songwriting is a daring exploration of sonic boundaries and lyrical depth.

The band is an exploration of contradictions - a testament to the belief that the opposing forces within us aren't weaknesses but rather sources of raw, unbridled strength. With electrifying live shows and thought-provoking lyrics, ACTVE CAPTVE is both polished and raw, introspective and explosive, vulnerable and unapologetic - a celebration of the messy, beautiful, contradictory nature of the human experience, and the discovery that our struggles and contradictions can be our source of strength and inspiration.

Actve Captve is brought to life by the dual forces of Jason Heninger and Israel Doria on live guitar and studio production, Henry Gillard on drums, Carlos Jordan on bass, and Cassie Brandi lending her soulful vocals as a response to Justin’s raw performance. The band's sonic landscape is a breathtaking journey, offering an unprecedented fusion of power and emotion. At every level, Actve Captve aims to celebrate the intricate mosaic of human existence, where contradictions are celebrated, and the beauty and possibility of chaos is embraced.

Actve Captve's Song List

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