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Dave Scher

Singer / Songwriter / Solo & Duo

Dave Scher

Dave Scher has been inseparable from his electric guitar since the age of 10, showcasing his talent on various instruments like the mandolin, fiddle, bass, piano, and organ. While his heart lies with blues, he skillfully explores jazz, funk, country, and more. Known for his powerful and emotive voice, Dave's singing perfectly complements his guitar skills.

He has gained a reputation as a superb sideman for numerous local acts in Austin, elevating any band he plays with. However, Dave truly stands out as a solo artist or leading his own trio, performing original songs and creative arrangements of popular covers across genres. His time with Cole Degenova and the People's Republic added a neo-soul/R&B flair to his diverse repertoire.

Dave has collaborated with artists like Krysta Youngs, Zach Lockwood, and Ryan Pinkston, and upon returning to Austin, he played with Tameca Jones, Will Taylor and Strings Attached, and many others, proving his versatility and significant impact on the music scene.

Dave Scher's Song List

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