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Rita Bliss

Folk, Americana, singer-songwriter, original music

Rita Bliss

Rita Bliss is a singer-songwriter, banjo,
guitar, and harmonica player based in Austin, Texas. She delivers a folk-infused sound shaped by influences ranging from Joni Mitchel and John Prine to 90s alternative rock bands.

Rita Bliss Song List

Where I’m Bound (cover)
Texarkana (original)
Two Dollar Bill (original)
Old Home Place (cover)
Jeanine (original)
Dirty Sunrise (original)
Gillian (cover)
Rivers of Texas (cover)
The Best Bar in Texas (original)
Return of the Grievous Angel (cover)
If I Go I’m Goin (cover)
More Pretty Girls Than One (cover)
Knockin on Your Screen Door (cover)
A Waltz (original)
Remembering Our Ghosts (original)
The Wolves (cover)
Across the Great Divide (cover)
Some Say (original)
Miracle Mile (original)
Peaches and Apple Pie (original)
Kentucky (original)
Unwed Fathers (cover)

Boxes of Glass (original)
Ten Degrees and Getting Colder (cover)
Love from Lufkin (original)
Goodbye (original)
Let Me Go (cover)
November (original)
Goin’ Back South (original)
Angel From Montgomery (cover)
Tecumseh Valley (cover)
Sticker in Your Paw (original)
Where You Began Again (original)
July (original)
American Girl (cover)
Mountain Time (original)

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