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How to Throw The Perfect Cowboy-Themed Party

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Hosting a cowboy-themed party is a fun and unique way to celebrate any party occasion, whether it's a birthday party, bridal shower, or just a casual get-together with friends. To make your party a success, you'll need to have the right party supplies, decorations, food, drinks, and games. In this article, we've gathered some of the best party ideas and inspiration to help you throw a perfect cowboy-themed party.

Cowboy and Western Themed Party Supplies and Decorations

Here are some ideas to make sure that your Western party decorations are on-point with your desired party theme.

Set The Tone: Create an entrance for your Cowboy and Western themed party that transports your guests to the Wild West. Here are some party decoration ideas to consider as a greeting for your guests when they first arrive::

  • Wooden sign: Create a wooden sign, like something from the old west, that welcomes your guests to your cowboy & Western themed party.

  • Saloon doors: Use saloon doors as a fun and playful entrance to your party.

  • Hay bales: Use hay bales to create a rustic entrance that sets the tone for your party.

Use Cowboy Hats and Boots as Decorations: Cowboy hats and boots are iconic symbols of the Wild West & the Western Cowboy, and can be used as decorations to create an authentic atmosphere. Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Hat rack: Use a hat rack to display Cowboy hats for your guests to wear or use as decorations.

  • Boot display: Use a wooden barrel or hay bale to display Cowboy boots as a fun and playful decoration.

  • Centerpiece: Use Cowboy hats or boots as a centerpiece for your tables.

Incorporate Cattle Skulls and Horns: Cattle skulls and horns are another iconic symbol of the Wild West and can be used as decorations to create a Western atmosphere. Consider using cattle skulls and horns as wall decor, as centerpieces or even using smaller versions as a place card holder for your guests.

Use Wooden Barrels and Whiskey Bottles: Wooden barrels and whiskey bottles are commonly associated with saloons and can be used as decorations to create a saloon atmosphere. Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Bar: Use an old west wooden barrel as a bar for your drinks.

  • Cocktail Tables: You can even use wooden barrels as cocktail tables

  • Whiskey Bottle Centerpieces: Use whiskey bottles as centerpieces to help create your dream Western party

Incorporate Texas Wildflowers: Texas is known for its beautiful wildflowers, and incorporating them into your decorations can add a colorful and authentic touch to your Cowboy & Western themed party. Some examples of Texas Wildflowers include Indian Paintbrushes, Verbena, Indian Blankets, and Pink Evening Primose. Bluebonnets are one of Texas’s most popular wildflowers. In addition to the obvious utilization of Texas Wildflowers in your centerpiece decorations, you can also use them in these fun ways:

  • Bouquets: Use Texas wildflowers to create bouquets for your guests to take home as party favors.

  • Garland: Use Texas wildflowers to create a garland for your entrance or tables.

Cowboy Themed Party Food and Drinks

If you are looking to really impress your guests, then serving the right food and drinks is just the way to do it! Here are 10 menu items you need to include:

  • BBQ: Serve ribs as the main course, and serve sides such as potato salad, baked beans, coleslaw, and mac & cheese

  • Chili and cornbread: A classic Western dish that's easy to make and perfect for any Western party.

  • Pulled pork and brisket: Another great option for a hearty and flavorful dish.

  • Root beer floats: Serve root beer floats as a fun and nostalgic dessert option.

  • Tex-Mex: Serve tacos, fajitas, and guacamole to add a South-Western twist to your party.

  • Shiner Bock beer: Serve Shiner Bock, a Texas-brewed beer, as a nod to the Lonestar state.

  • Sweet tea: Serve sweet tea, a Southern classic, as a refreshing drink option.

  • Whiskey and bourbon: Serve whiskey and bourbon as a nod to the saloon era.

  • Margaritas and tequila shots: Serve margaritas and tequila shots for a fun and festive drink option.

Cowboy-Themed Party Dress Code

For any Western-party, whether it’s a birthday party, backyard party, or corporate party, encourage your guests to wear Western-style clothing such as Cowboy hats, boots, denim jeans, plaid shirts, and leather belts. If you're having trouble thinking of anything to wear to your Cowboy themed party, here are some ideas to help:

  • Cowboy hats and boots: Incorporate Cowboy hats and boots into your outfit.

  • Denim: Wear denim jeans or a denim jacket to create a Western vibe.

  • Plaid shirts: Wear a plaid shirt to complete your Texas-themed outfit.

  • Leather: Wear a leather vest or jacket for a rugged look.

  • Western Accessories: Instead of wearing a normal tie, try a bolo tie.

Western Music You Need At Your Party

Whether it’s a birthday party or bridal shower, the Cowboy theme of the party wouldn’t exist without setting the scene with some live music. Playing the right type of music can create the perfect setting so your guests have an unforgettable party experience. Play country music, Western swing music, bluegrass, folk music, or rockabilly to create a Western atmosphere.

  • Country music: Play classic country music from the likes of Willie Nelson, George Strait, and Dolly Parton.

  • Western swing: Play Western swing music like music from Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys.

  • Texas blues/Bluegrass: Play blues music from Texas legends such as Stevie Ray Vaughan and T-Bone Walker.

If you are looking to book live music for your next event like this, then seek out a local entertainment company like Moontower Entertainment. Once you contact them, explain to them the type of music you are looking for and they can help you find a band to suit your needs. An example of a band they could provide for your party is their popular country music party band, Gone To Texas, which can provide a party-boosting force to your next Cowboy themed event. Reach out to see how your next event could be taken to the next level.

Cowboy Themed Party Games and Activities

It’s important to have activities and games for your guests to play while they mingle at your party. Here are some Western-themed games and activities your party-goers can participate in at your next event:

  • Horseshoe toss: Set up a horseshoe toss game for your guests to enjoy.

  • Pin the tail on the donkey: A classic game that's always a hit with the kids.

  • Line dancing: Teach your guests some basic line dancing moves or even hire a line dancing instructor from a company like Dancin’ Austin

  • Karaoke: Get a karaoke machine or even hire a karaoke company like Moontower Radio or Spacecraft Entertainment and have your guests pick country and Western songs to sing.

  • Corn Hole: Host a corn hole tournament and pick out fun Western-themed prizes for the winners

  • Chili cook-off: Hold a chili cook-off, and let your guests vote for their favorite chili recipe.

Cowboy Themed Party Favors and Invitations

Party favors: Give your guests a small gift such as a bandana, Cowboy hat, or Western-themed keychain.

Invitations: Set the tone for your Cowboy themed party by using Western-themed invitations. Use for inspiration and free printables, or if you just want some ideas to get started, here are a few to consider:

  • Wanted Poster: Create a "Wanted" poster with the details of your party, such as the date, time, and location.

  • Cowboy Hat: Attach a small Cowboy hat to the invitation card, and include the party details inside the card.

  • Bandana: Print the party details on a bandana and roll it up to send as an invitation.

  • Sheriff Badge: Include a sheriff badge with the party details on the invitation card.

  • Cowboy Boots: Print the party details on a card and attach it to a miniature Cowboy boot.

  • Hay Bale: Use a small hay bale as the base for the invitation card, and include the party details on a card attached to the hay bale.

  • Cowboy Lasso: Print the party details on a card and attach it to a miniature Cowboy lasso.

With these ideas and inspiration, you can throw a memorable Cowboy themed party that your guests will love. From decorations to food and drinks to music to games, you've got everything you need to create an authentic Western atmosphere. So grab your Cowboy hat and boots, and get ready to Boot, Scoot and Boogie the night away.

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