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List Of The Best Proposal Songs Of All Time

We know that choosing a song to propose to can be hard. That's why we've created a list of 24 of the best proposal songs of all time. Because when that special moment does come around, you want to be ready to set the right mood to ensure they say "yes".

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Here's a list of the best proposal songs of all time:

1. "Just The Way You Are," Bruno Mars

  • Lyrics of love: "When I see your face/There's not a thing that I would change/'Cause you're amazing/Just the way you are"

  • Why it's perfect: Bruno Mars' heartfelt lyrics and beautiful melody make this song ideal for proposals, weddings, and first dances. It covers everything you adore about your partner, setting the stage for a memorable proposal.

2. "All Of Me," John Legend

  • Lyrics of love: "Give your all to me/I'll give my all to you/You're my end and my beginning/Even when I lose I'm winning"

  • Why it's perfect: John Legend's intimate ballad celebrates true love, making it a perfect choice for professing your love and proposing. The poetic lyrics are sure to tug at you & your partner's heartstrings.

3. "Marry Me," Jason Derulo

  • Lyrics of love: "Will forever be enough, so there ain't no need to rush/I'll say, 'Will you marry me?'"

  • Why it's perfect: "Marry Me" is an upbeat pop hit that feels tailor-made for proposals. Its romantic lyrics express a commitment to a love that will last a lifetime.

4. "Make You Feel My Love," Adele

  • Lyrics of love: "I could make you happy, make your dreams come true/Nothing that I wouldn't do/Go to the ends of the Earth for you/To make you feel my love"

  • Why it's perfect: Adele's powerful rendition of this love song will undoubtedly bring tears of happiness to your eyes. It's a touching choice for a heartfelt proposal.

5. "Thinking Out Loud," Ed Sheeran

  • Lyrics of love: "So honey now/Take me into your loving arms/Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars/Place your head on my beating heart"

  • Why it's perfect: Ed Sheeran's "Thinking Out Loud" is a testament to enduring love. It's not just a great first dance song but also a wonderful option for a marriage proposal that emphasizes the strength of your love over time.

6. "I Do," Colbie Caillat

  • Lyrics of love: "I promise I won't turn around and I won't let you down/You can trust I've never felt it like I feel it now"

  • Why it's perfect: Colbie Caillat's cheery rhythm and lovely lyrics in "I Do" make it a fantastic choice to set the stage for your partner's "I Do" during the proposal.

7. "A Thousand Years," Christina Perri

  • Lyrics of love: "I have loved you for a thousand years/I'll love you for a thousand more"

  • Why it's perfect: This emotional ballad, known from the Twilight series, narrates a love story worth celebrating. Its heartwarming lyrics will make your proposal moment even more special.

8. "I Swear," All-4-One

  • Lyrics of love: "You can be sure I know my part/'Cause I'll stand beside you through the years/And you'll only cry those happy tears"

  • Why it's perfect: This classic '90s love song by All-4-One sets a romantic mood and allows you to profess your love with sweet, heartfelt lyrics.

9. "Better Together," Jack Johnson

  • Lyrics of love: "Love is the answer, at least for most of the questions in my heart"

  • Why it's perfect: Jack Johnson's "Better Together" is a nostalgic tune that's perfect for a casual, at-home proposal. It carries a sentimental meaning, as the singer-songwriter wrote it for his spouse.

10. "Just Say Yes," Snow Patrol

  • Lyrics of love: "Just say yes, just say there's nothing holding you back/It's not a test, nor a trick of the mind/Only love"

  • Why it's perfect: Snow Patrol's catchy and melodic "Just Say Yes" is a love song no one can't resist singing along to. It's the perfect choice for a proposal if you're looking for a more upbeat & dancy vibe.

11. "Love Is A Verb," John Mayer

  • Lyrics of love: "When you show me love/I don't need your words/Yeah love ain't a thing/Love is a verb"

  • Why it’s perfect: This song, featuring John Mayer's incredible vocals and stunning guitar work, is guaranteed to relax everyone. It's the perfect choice if you're aiming for a more tranquil and romantic proposal.

​​12. "Marry You," Bruno Mars

  • Lyrics of love: "It's a beautiful night, we're looking for something dumb to do/Hey baby, I think I wanna marry you"

  • Why it’s perfect: If you were born in the early 2000s or 90s then you grew up hearing this song and seeing the flash mob proposals all over YouTube. So, this song by Bruno Mars is perfect if you are trying to throw it back & dance a little for your proposal.

13. "Love Me Like You Do," Ellie Goulding

  • Lyrics of love: "You're the light, you're the night/You're the color of my blood/You're the cure, you're the pain/You're the only thing I wanna touch/Never knew that it could mean so much, so much"

  • Why it's perfect: Do you want to propose at maybe a little more of an intimate time? Then this might be the perfect song for you. Originally coming from the 50 Shades Of Grey movie, this song has heavy sexual undertones & is ideal if you are feeling spicey.

14. "Better Together," Luke Combs

  • Lyrics of love: "Your first and my last name would just sound better together"

  • Why it's perfect: "Better Together" by Luke Combs is among the top country engagement songs available. Even if you're not into country music, you can still agree that this song would be perfect to propose to.

15. "Can't Help Falling in Love," Elvis Presley

  • Lyrics of love: "Like a river flows/Surely to the sea/Darling, so it goes/Some things, you know, are meant to be/Take my hand/Take my whole life too/For I can"t help falling in love with you"

  • Why it's perfect: This Elvis Presley song is a timeless classic. Brace yourself for joyful weeping as you propose with the most renowned song of the King of Rock and Roll subtly playing in the backdrop.

16. "At Last," Etta James

  • Lyrics of love: "At last/My love has come along/My lonely days are over/And life is like a song"

  • Why it's perfect: If you and your significant other are fans of jazz, you might want to think about playing "At Last" by Etta James. This song, originally released in 1960, has held its popularity throughout the years due to its heartfelt lyrics and James' passionate vocal performance. Fits in perfectly with a slow dance as well!

17. "You Are the Sunshine of My Life," Stevie Wonder

  • Lyrics of love: "You must have known that I was lonely/Because you came to my rescue/And I know that this must be heaven/How could so much love be inside of you?"

  • Why it's perfect: This gentle ballad by Stevie Wonder is brimming with romantic verses. Plus there's an amazing brass.

18. "Let Your Love Flow," The Bellamy Brothers

  • Lyrics of love: "Just let your love flow like a mountain stream/And let your love grow with the smallest of dreams/And let your love show and you'll know what I mean/It's the season"

  • Why its perfect: "Let Your Love Flow", the first single from the country music pair The Bellamy Brothers, is among the most memorable love tunes of the 1970s. After popping the question, you both can rejoice by swaying and crooning to this melody.

19. "We Belong Together," Mariah Carey

  • Lyrics of love: "We belong together like peanut butter and jelly/Februaries and skellies, after parties and tellies"

  • Why its perfect: Express your love to your significant other by playing this popular Mariah Carey song while proposing. Interesting trivia for you: "We Belong Together" is considered one of the iconic love songs of the 2000s!

20. "I Love You Always Forever," Betty Who

  • Lyrics of love: "I love you always, forever/Near and far, closer together/Everywhere I will be with you"

  • Why its perfect: In 2017, Betty Who, an Australian pop artist, unveiled her rendition of a love song from the 90s. Despite being highly underrated, it's an enjoyable choice for a proposal song—we're confident you'll be as captivated by the lively chorus and fervent lyrics as we are.

21. “Love Story” By Taylor Swift

  • Lyrics of love: You’ll never have to be alone I love you and that’s all I really know I talked to your dad, go pick out a white dress It’s a love story, baby, just say, “Yes”

  • Taylor Swift is renowned for her heartbreak anthems, but this track is an exception. It's an ideal proposal song as it beautifully illustrates a relationship's journey. Most love stories aren't about 'instant love' leading to a quick marriage. This melody takes couples down memory lane, reminding them of their initial meeting and all the experiences they've shared.

22. “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” By Starship

  • Lyrics of love: “I’m so glad I found you I’m not gonna lose you Whatever it takes I will stay here with you”

  • Numerous pairs have encountered some obstacles during their relationships. Perhaps someone opposed the relationship or there was a moment when uncertainty crept in. Regardless, this song is a popular choice for proposals and also serves as a testament to the unwavering love of the couple.

23. “(Everything I Do) I Do It For You” By Bryan Adams

  • Lyrics of love: “Look into your heart You will find There’s nothin’ there to hide Take me as I am”

  • Few things are as impactful as a song about a man who devotes every moment of his existence to bringing joy to the significant woman in his life. Playing this tune during your proposal will show that you aspire to be that man for her, and she'll absolutely adore it.

24. “When I’m 64” By The Beatles

  • Lyrics of love: “You’ll be older too And if you say the word I could stay with you”

  • Regardless of your age group, the Beatles are universally adored. This track has an almost juvenile rhythm and straightforward lyrics, yet has a strong impact. This song, perfect for marriage proposals, is ideal for partners who bring out the childlike joy in each other and anticipate aging side by side.


Remember, you only get one shot to propose, so choosing the right song is super important. Choose a song & band that resonates with both of you and can make the moment unforgettable.

Bride and groom on stage at their wedding with Love & Happiness band

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