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Trending: DJs Performing with Live Musicians

As the live music scene is constantly evolving, DJs have emerged as sought-after entertainers for many events. Their ability to incorporate the latest hits and classic tracks keeps audiences energized and engaged throughout an event. Live musicians have begun collaborating with DJs to create an innovative approach to their performances. These collaborations add depth, spontaneity, and visual appeal, making it a trending choice for those looking to create a dynamic and engaging event.

If you’re considering booking a live DJ for your next event, here’s some musical additions to consider to enhance your DJ’s set!

1. Electric violin

Fusing traditional and contemporary musical elements, the addition of an electric violin to a DJ set provides touches of sophistication and artistry. The ethereal sound of the violin adds a unique depth to the versatile rhythms laid down by the DJ. Whether weaving melodic layers into the mix or taking center stage for a mesmerizing solo, the electric violin is sure to elevate a DJ’s performance to new levels. 

2. Saxophone

The golden sound of a saxophonist adds a dynamic layer of live instrumentation to a DJ set. Passionate solos blend with the electronic melodies crafted by the DJ, creating an irresistible fusion of genres for audiences to marvel over. The saxophone’s ability to evoke emotion with smooth, brassy tones creates moments of musical magic.


Photo by: Caitlin Rose

3. Drummer

Incorporating a drummer into a DJ set amplifies the rhythm and intensity of any performance. Whether it’s keeping time with the music or performing a killer drum solo, watching a skilled drummer perform alongside a DJ adds to the excitement and energy of an event. The integration of a drummer fosters an electrifying atmosphere when paired with electronic beats, resonating with audiences long after the music ends.

Photo by: Julie White

4. A combination of two or all of the above 

The undeniable stage presence of DJs and musicians continues to make these collaborations an invaluable addition to any event. Combining two or more of the musicians listed above can add elements of excitement and spectacle to any event. By catering to diverse musical tastes with seamless mixing techniques, DJs and live musicians are a memorable crowd-pleaser for your next event. Contact us to book live DJs, musicians, bands, and more!

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