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Corey Glaeser

Pop, R&B, Jazz,
Classic Rock

Corey Glaeser

Cory Glaeser is an Austin, TX based singer, guitarist, and songwriter whose ability to cover a wide range of musical genres makes him a great fit for most any party!

Corey Glaeser's Song List

Artists covered include:

The Beatles
The Beach Boys
Billy Joel
Paul Simon
Bruno Mars
Hall & Oates
Dwight Yoakum
The Bee Gees
Stevie Wonder
Lady Gaga
Merle Haggard
Elton John

David Allen Coe
John Legend
Michael Jackson
Tom Petty
Sam Cooke
James Taylor
Willie Nelson
Todd Rundgren
Waylon Jennings
Van Morrison
Otis Redding

and MANY more…

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