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James Speer

Soul / R&B / Variety / Jazz

James Speer

Austin, Texas based piano virtuoso JAMES SPEER blows audiences away with his jaw-dropping keyboard skills, powerhouse voice, and masterful jazz, R&B and modern musical repertoire.

His voice combines the soul and character of R&B legends like Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder with the charisma and swing of modern troubadours like Michael Bublé and John Legend to seamlessly perform a wide range of classic jazz standards, soul-infused rhythm and blues, and jazz-inspired reinventions of modern pop. Accompanied by his talented backing band, the multi-instrumentalist expertly and simultaneously rolls out his numbers on a grand piano, bass keyboard, and organ keyboard, a visual and audial thrill for audiences and critics alike.

A musician known and respected by his peers, James has performed and recorded with some of Austin’s best-known acts, including Bob Schneider, Monte Montgomery, Vallejo, George Devore, The Scabs, MC Overlord, Malford Milligan, Ady Hernandez and Tyrone Vaughn.

James Speer's Song List

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