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Ruby Dice

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Ruby Dice

Ruby Dice, hailing from Colorado, has been captivating audiences with her dynamic performances in Texas and the Southwest. Starting with Gospel music in her family's church, Ruby's musical style now beautifully blends soul, blues, and pop. Recognized not only as a talented bassist but also as a rising songwriter, Ruby has collaborated with a variety of bands since moving to Austin. She's toured nationally and shared stages with renowned artists like Brian Wilson and Dale Watson.

Now based in Austin, TX, Ruby is creating a buzz with her music that merges multiple genres into an electrifying show, making her a must-see for dance and music enthusiasts. Local media, including In The Pocket Magazine, have praised the Ruby Dice band, co-led by songwriter Calloway Ritch. They describe her music as a soulful and rock 'n' roll blend that resonates with the Texas vibe, highlighting her soulful vocals and Ritch's bluesy guitar.

Ruby Dice is known for her ability to keep audiences dancing all night, bringing a unique mix of country, disco, and groovy rhythms to the dance floor.

Ruby Dice's Song List

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