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Sarah Hall

Solo Harpist

Sarah Hall

Sarah, a harpist based in Austin, Texas, began her musical journey at age 6. By 8, she was already performing solo, playing with the SFA Harp Ensemble, and serving as Principal Harpist for the Piney Woods Youth Orchestra. Over time, she has been a part of various orchestras and ensembles, collaborating with choirs, vocalists, and instrumentalists.

Now, Sarah continues to perform solo, as an accompanist, and with diverse ensembles in Texas, the US, and internationally. Her work can be heard in songs by Austin artists like Kitty Coen and Radio Company. Classically trained but also adept in contemporary and pop music, Sarah enjoys using backing tracks for her performances and excels in smaller, more personal settings. She also focuses on arranging and composing for the harp.

In addition to her music career, Sarah is the Education and Advocacy Manager for Austin Texas Musicians, a non-profit organization, and serves on their Music Advisory Panel. Her studies include guidance from notable harpists like Mollie Marcuson Schiffer, Sarah Oliver Ladd, and Dr. Louisa Ellis Woodson.

Sarah Hall's Song List

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