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Texas Gypsies Band

Jazz Style Cover Band

Texas Gypsies Band

For 19 years now the award winning recipe for The Texas Gypsies sound is to perform the “Vintage Jazzy Swingin" cool hep cat sounds of the Great Gatsby era 1920's, plus a mix of the Big Band Swing sound of the 1930's and 40’s, add in a taste of its sister sound, Western Swing, sprinkle some Django style Gypsy Jazz over the top and finally finish up with a pinch of Retro Deco Rockin Roll!

The band mixes passionate violin, a blazing horn section, rockin-swingin guitars, slappin upright bass, and retro style drumming to harmoniously create their own unique, classy and fun sound!

Size: Trio to 12pc Band

Genre: Swing, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Dance, Western

Texas Gypsies Song List

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