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The Peterson Brothers

90s & 2000s Cover Band

The Peterson Brothers

The Peterson Brothers from Texas have made a name for themselves with their energetic mix of jazz, funk, blues, and soul, combined with modern vibes. Glenn Jr., with his vocals and guitar, and Alex on bass, vocals, and violin, have been thrilling audiences for a decade with a mix of classic and original music, marked by their signature jam-band improvisation.

Their love for music was sparked by a collection of classic albums, leading them to develop a lively stage presence. They started their journey playing at well-known Austin venues and have since graced stages at major U.S. festivals alongside artists like Gary Clark Jr. and Willie Nelson.

Known for their dynamic performances, the Peterson Brothers have been recognized by publications like American Blues Scene and Minneapolis Star Tribune. Highlights of their career include performing with the University of Texas Longhorn Pep Band and holding a seven-year residency at the Continental Club in Austin.

Garnering high praise from Gary Clark Jr., they've participated in Austin City Limits Festival super-jams. They've released a single from their forthcoming EP, "Give Me Your Love," and celebrated the launch of their EP "The Intro" in early 2020.

Featured on the cover of Buddy Magazine's January 2020 issue, the Peterson Brothers are renowned for their vibrant energy and the joy they bring to each performance.

The Peterson Brothers' Song List

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