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Weldon Henson

Solo Guitarist & Singer/SongWriter

Weldon Henson

Weldon, a standout in Texas country music, is renowned for his authentic Texas roots and his role as one of the best solo guitarists around. He's made a name for himself with his Honky Tonk Frontier band, delivering stories of heartache, dance halls, and Texan life through his music. Weldon's style pays homage to the traditional Texas country sound, resisting the commercial "Nashville sound" and echoing legends who've shaped Austin's music scene.

His lyrics resonate with the working man's narrative, a trademark of his "Texas-made honky tonk" performances. Weldon describes his music as authentic honky tonk with a dance beat, all about enjoying life. His songwriting mirrors this ethos, with his fifth CD "Texas Made Honky Tonk" being a prime example. He's been recognized for his dedication and artistry, even earning the honor of having a day named after him in Austin. Weldon's shows are a unique blend of vintage honky-tonk, rock 'n roll attitude, and modern Texas country. His performances are high-energy, appealing even to those who aren't typical country music fans. Weldon stands as a true testament to the enduring appeal of Texas country music and his skill as one of the best solo guitarists.

Weldon Henson's Song List

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