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We know few days will ever be as special as your wedding day. We believe your day should be a dream come true, and we are here to help you navigate planning one of those the most fun parts of the night: the dance party. With over a decade of experience and literally thousands of weddings under our belt, we take pride in helping couples find THEIR perfect entertainment. Choose from our award-winning party bands like Matchmaker Band, Love & Happiness Band or PDA Band or from our dozens of other highly vetted and high caliber roster groups. 


At Moontower Entertainment, we can do more than just help you book your wedding band. We can help you secure live music for your special ceremony, your vibey cocktail hour, your rehearsal dinner, bridal shower, engagement party and more. We have countless options ranging from soloists all the way to 16pc+ bands. You have the vision, and we will make it a reality.

Check out some of our options below: 

This is not a complete list. Please submit an inquiry on our contact page for a full list of options with pricing

Matchmaker Band
Love & Happiness Band
PDA Band
Moontower Radio


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